Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Denton Crit

Joseph did well at the Crit race in Denton this week. Crit races are timed races around a short course. After a few laps, they determine how fast the leaders are going and count down the last five to ten laps. Figuring out who is what place can be very challenging when there's a bunch of young'uns out there, some aged 17 and able to hang with the big guys, some aged 10 and barely able to reach the handlebars. Add to the mix that Joseph was only really racing against the other 10 to 12 year old boys. And it was wet. It was raining off and on all morning. Very slick race. Joseph ended up falling at about four laps to go and lost about three places. If he had fallen at 6 laps to go he would have gotten a break and a free lap. So I need to teach him to fall earlier, or at least to go ahead and take chances early and be conservative late. As it turned out, they miscount his laps or something, he ended up 5th of 12 and I think he was more like 9th. Maybe 10th. I left before seeing the standings, otherwise I would have protested. Anyway, it was absolutely fabulous to see him flying around the course. He never gave up, he pushed himself the entire way, and he's getting faster. I'm excited for him. Kim and the rest of the kids got to come. Allison made a note-card sized flag out of paper that said "Go Jo!" and had a bicycle on it. There were lots of folks there hanging out and spectating. Great event, hopefully next year it will be dry. Got to see Joey Spragins of trinitybicycles.com. Chris M. of TBI was there but decided not to race in the deluge. I even saw a former "kid" from my wife's MS math teaching/my Youth Minister days. He's a Cat 4 who was sandbagging with the 4/5 race. Dan, you are a wimp. Almost as much as a wimp as Chris, at least you raced. We had some ice cream afterwards and everyone came home tired and cranky and wet and cold. Had to doctor Joseph's road rash with some Tegaderm. Great day. Fabulous day to be a dad.