Thursday, November 15, 2007

Check this out

Just found this on accident and found it fascinating. It makes me think all about my own kids' experience with homeschooling.

So it seems that educational structures and objectives are totally skew with what college students experience or how they see the world.

H/T to Digital Edu. Like I said, I just stumbled upon it, no guarantees that this guy would approve of anything I say, or vice versa.

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Steven Verble said...

hey bull,

thanks for the comment on my blog a few days back. i'm not on my site much anymore since my project is all but dry-docked. i will come up with something new for 18 months from now....but there just isn't time this go 'round.

things have been rough...i have to be honest. my days as a high school science teacher in a dieing coal-miners town are difficult to get through.

on thursday i was pushed to an anxiety attack (first of my life, but it runs in the family) after i had a student pull a knife in one of my classes, filed initial paperwork on students sexually harassing each other, and one student calling one of my arab-heritage students a "terrorist" in my class.

i currently drive an hour to work and an hour home each day to some how "make science real to my student's lives" who have no where to sleep, nothing to each, are on drugs, sell drugs to make it, are abused by their families, etc. i'm looking forward to the end of this academic year and the chance to move on to somewhere else.