Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Better than a Blog award!

Today I experienced an epiphany. I checked out Sitemeter and saw that I had a hit. Yes, I know, I'm so desperate for attention that I check out each hit on my blog, but that only proves my eventual point. The entry click for this hit was a Google search for "lame blogs." And yessir, this one came in third!!

Check it out for yourself.

I'm so proud. And I can't believe I'm so proud. It's a tribute to the insignificance of this blog. To all the little people who have never checked out my blog, thank you. Although you'll never know how much your missing this blog was so important to me, and you'll never know you missed it because you never saw it, your apathy and ignorance is a source of courage and inspiration for me.

Edit: *sniff, sniff* I guess the vagaries of Google are beyond the ken of mortals. I am now no longer #3 on the list, but #36. Maybe the very nature of lame-ness requires that you be ignorant of it. Sort of like those folks who are sooo cooool that they shop for plaid pants at thrift stores even though they pull down six figure salaries. If you are knowingly lame, you no longer qualify as lame, but have progressed beyond lame, straight past vaguely hip, around the corner from faddish, to sit down next to passé.


B C Hatcher said...

Hey Bull,
After you mentioned this in SMBS yesterday morning I thought I would check it out. Unfortunately, since you apparently received a hit you no longer maintain "lame blog" status. I had to Google your name and there you were. Have a good one.


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I like your's amusing, if nothing else.

Merry Christmas!

Brian said...


Just read the edit. I hate to say it, but the more I stop by I might keep pushing you down the list.

It is kind of like calling yourself a non-conformist, or non-denominational churches forming an alliance under certain doctrinal agreements. It just doesn't work right.


Kathryn King said...

Hey Don--enjoy the guilty pleasure of checking out your blog hits--at least you have some that aren't YOU checking out your own blog :) Checking our blog stats is something i think we all do. I know I check mine over on myspace ever so often. Then I try to remember how many times *I* have looked at it to see if any "real" people mosied over to glance at it.

With 6 kids and a hobby (oh and a wife and a job) how do you every find time to sleep?

Kathryn King (FHS '88)
now you can start racking your brain to see if you can remember me