Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's those tiny little things that hurt the worst

Ok, my bike is just a possession. It's only a thing. I accept that. I am not made to worship things, I am made to worship Him.  And I'm totally bummed because my bike is busted. I was going to go on the Saturday Shop Ride yesterday morning. But I slept late. So I pulled the bike into the sunroom and set it up on the trainer and that's when I saw it. A crack, a tiny crack that goes straight through a small part of the frame. It's right where the rear wheel bolts on. 

A testament to the fact that I am a big, heavy guy who pedals really hard to get up hills. I took it to the shop and asked about it. I just had it in the shop last week and though that they had messed it up, but no, if they had, the crack would have been different than it was. I can't ride it until it gets replaced. The frame is made from aluminum and once aluminum bends or breaks, you can't weld it back. It's busted. It's flat busted. And that means that I can't ride.  Riding on this, I would risk a catastrophic crash, or I might just goof up some of my other components by having all the stresses wrong.  I don't miss the bike, I miss riding. The bike is just the means. And for me, as funny as it sounds, I think of it something akin to worship. I float and I suffer. I offer my efforts and taste the rewards of my relationship.
So the frame maker has a warranty program. I think that, with a couple more pictures, I could get a new one sent out. Then I could ride again.  Maybe next week.

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