Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grace is smooth...

So I'm riding this other guy's bike frame, and I don't know how to describe it to folks who don't ride. Parts of this frame are carbon fiber where mine had been aluminum. So any crack in the road, the aluminum frame would transmit that kick up to my backside. But on the carbon frame, it was more of a mumble than a kick. Some parts of some roads were rough and the old aluminum frame would really transmit a lot of chatter to my feet, hands, and backside, but on this, it was like they didn't exist. I was intimidated when I got to the base of Cockrell Hill, but when I got to the top, I was a bit disappointed. I had expected steeper or longer or just plain more. I think that it was easier because I was on the much lighter frame. After all those miles, it makes a difference, it really does. I met the owner at the lunch stop and told him that riding his frame was "like buttah," to which he asked "Did you slice it up and eat it?"
I haven't heard anything about my busted frame yet. I called the outfit in Cali on Friday and yesterday. They said they haven't seen it. They also pointed out that there might be an issue if Fed Ex was the shipper. They tend to arrive before the place opens and leave packages with random neighbors at the little industrial park. I guess I have to check at the shop. I'm kind of hoping that a) the place will say "sorry, no warranty, you want a cheap frame for cheaper?" and b) the owner of the really cool titanium and carbon frame will be in the mood to sell his to me. If all those stars align, then I could save the costs of buying a cheap frame and shipping it here and getting all my components swapped over and invest those into this super duper frame. I'm thinking that if I could get it for $800, it would be a steal, but it's about all I could afford, and that's only because Uncle Sam is going to pay me plenty in taxes on the same day I get my yearly bonus. Right now I'm flat broke. Ah well, it's just money.

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