Friday, February 01, 2008

Grace so totally rocks

So last night, I get a PM from a guy on the Team Bikes Inc forum. He's someone who used to race and has been known to help out some Jr's with lots of gear. I had posted that I wouldn't be able to ride on Super Bowl Sunday and he had asked me on the forum what size frame I ride. In the PM he said that I needed to call him ASAP about my bike frame. So I called him and he asked me if the only reason I'm not riding on Sunday is because my frame is busted. I confirmed that, so he said that he had spoken with Scott (who I find out owns the shop) and got me a loaner frame. The shop moved over my old components today. I'm going to the shop right now to pick up the bike after a quick fix. And it's not just any beater frame. It's a Titanium/Carbon frame that literally makes me salivate.

My frame is on its way to Cali right now. Hopefully they will warranty it and send me a new one. Still, I hope I can give back the Ti/Carbon beauty. I also hope it doesn't have a weight limit.

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