Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hagee is NOT a Hater!

So when John Hagee endorsed John McCain a while back, some Catholics really got upset. Hagee has previously said some things about the Church that are just not pleasant to hear. Mainly the issue comes with a You Tube video here. Feh. You can read all kinds of misunderstanding of Catholicism in it but it's not terribly overt. He also stated in a book, well, I can't say I've read it. But Bill Donahue quotes it as saying "In Hagee’s latest book, Jerusalem Countdown, he calls Hitler a Catholic who murdered Jews while the Catholic Church did nothing. ‘The sell-out of Catholicism to Hitler began not with the people but with the Vatican itself,’ he writes." (Google books doesn't show any previews available on the Internets, so I can't really check it.)
So then Donahue goes out and asks John McCain to tell Hagee he's bad and that he doesn't want to look bad so please shush up about all the endorsement stuff. Hagee fires back that he's not Anti-Catholic, he supports elderly nuns and all that. Then today the Catholic League publishes a letter from Hagee apologizing and saying "Them Catholics ain't Anti-Semites. That whole Whore of Babylon thing doesn't mean the Catholic Church, 'cos they'll all be gone bye-bye with the whole rapture thang." OK, it's not a direct quote. You can see the letter, complete with signature here. And Donahue makes a clear statement that "Hey! We're good now, K?" I just wonder how much of this was for McCain. As he's a Protestant, I think Hagee couldn't give a flying flip about what Bill Donahue thinks. But what the potential Pres? That might give him pause.


FreeGoodNews.com said...

What about Pastor John Hagee's million dollar ministry scandal? How come that is never mentioned in the media? For more info, google search "open letter to pastor hagee". Pastor John Hagee is Sr. Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio TX and is on TBN "Christian" TV.

bullschuck said...

Ya know, at first I was just going to delete the comment, but I think it's appropriate to point out that, per sitemeter, you found this site by googling "hagee blogspot." Of the first six sites that I see come up, you posted the exact same comment on three of them. And your username is the name of the site that's referenced in the "open letter," you reference. Sorry dude, please don't promo yourself on my blog. It's about me here, not you.