Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ninja News is back!

And this is a nice ninja news story. Basically it's the old bad-guys-are-mugging-kid-for-ipod-in-alley-and-look-up-to-see-ninjas-bearing-down-on-them. Kind of old school storyline, but it worked. Muggers pull kid into alley to get phone and ipod, muggers start to beat kid up, muggers picked wrong alley (right next to Ninja Senshi Ryu, a school for Aussies to become even more badass), ninja students pour out of ninja school and proceed to unleash ninjaness and ninjadom upon muggers, muggers flee, and end scene. You can see the particulars, along with a video here. It kind of takes the edge off to see an Aussie ninja talking on screen, with no hood, and no voice disguising, but it's a nice ending. Apparently Ninja Senshi Ryu doesn't teach students how to run down opponents though. The muggers got away but "arrests were made in connection" with the incident. That could mean anything though, that they caught the muggers or arrested someone who tried to fence the ipod or that one of the ninja students had an outstanding warrant for traffic tickets. Still, I'd give it four our of five throwing stars.

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