Friday, January 28, 2011

Reasons to turn off the TV

So two of our children get visited by the electronic baby-sitter quite often. Since we don't have cable, they end up watching a heavy diet of Qubo, broadcast over the air in DFW. It's basically PBS kids-type shows with commercials. And they seem to have a limited selection of commercials. Which leads me to the meat of my post. I got this text from my wife today.

"TV is off. Audrey is playing with her doll & singing her daily opera. Isabel is drawing a baby fawn. Over the course of 10 min (1) Audrey told me her baby doll's automatic sleep number bed popped last night and (2) Isabel told me that her baby fawn has flowers in her hair that her mommy put there. they stick on but come off command strips!
We'll leave the TV off some more. :/"

Feel free to ridicule my amazing powers of non-parenting. And no, I don't support any of the stuff I'm linking to. Except Qubo, 'coz it's free.

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Kathryn King said...

at least it is Qubo :) not a lot of daytime TV options for the kiddos and at night it's the only kid friendly option for us cable deprived households :)
I thought it was hilarious but then i'm not winning any parenting awards. And you shouldn't beat yourself up either! Only two of your gang have this 'affliction' so your percentages are pretty low! but kudos for turning the TV off...i'm not strong enough to do it here :)