Friday, October 31, 2008

And God is Soooo Good...

Not that I deserve any bonuses from Him, but I am thankful for a doting Father. This last week, I sat down and looked at finances and just hung my head. We moved into a bigger house last year and doubled the size of our living space, as well as doubling our mortgage payment. That wouldn't have been so hard but we also tripled the size of our electricity bill. Over the Summer that really hurt. Just about all of today's paycheck is spoken for with those two bills. Of course, we still need to eat, and there is a Holiday coming up that involves gift-giving. I was quite bummed about the prospect of what we would be able to offer the kids. Not that we're poor, I'm still paying bills, I'm just stretched out. There are lots of folks out there who would be quite envious of where we are today. If we had a little more room we'd just spend it on frivolous things like getting the car fixed, right?
But there just wasn't a lot of cash there until the next paycheck. And then Kim went shopping the other day (the cupboard was bare) and wrote a check that was for more than what I have left after mortgage and electricity. Then I bummed on her for it. I didn't raise my voice, I don't need to do that to crush her sometimes. And I just told her quietly that we didn't have that much money for groceries this month. Sux, eh? I guess I can pay a part of the electric bill now and a part later, but then that leaves less for later in the month. And then I started feeling bummed about Christmas. Our cards are maxed out and I'm not expecting much to show up between now and then.

Then God does his miracle thing...
So one of my credit cards decides that they haven't extended me enough credit and they raise my limit. Not that I asked or anything. It's not much, but it's a little bit for Christmas. (Don't tell Kim, I want it to be a surprise).

And then my boss puts in for me to get an award for going to Houston to help with Hurricane Ike recovery. Again, not a ton, but it's something out of nothing. I can take it as cash or gift cards. I'm going to go over it with Kim tonight.

I remember telling Him that I just don't have enough to do this on my own, but that I'll do the best with what He gives me. I don't deserve this but I'll take it. That's what the unworthy do with grace.

EDIT: Notes to mention, the week before, I was fretting about the bare refrigerator and I happened to the fridge in the garage to have a frosty, carbonated adult beverage. I peeked in the freezer to find a bunch of food that I forgot we had there. Garlic toast, cheese toast, fried fish filets, chicken tenders, frozen dinners. Exactly what we needed...
Last night (11/03), we went to our monthly bike club team meeting and, as they do each month, they have door prizes. Joseph had fallen last month and had cracked his helmet. Guess who's ticket they call when there's still a nice, new helmet on the prize list? Yup, Joseph.
Oh, and my folks sent us $200 out of the blue, "to help with school supplies."


I haven't weighed that since 1995. I expect to be on the light side after a long ride, but not that light the next morning. Today I rolled out of bed at 6:13 AM (can't wait for the end of Daylight Savings this weekend) and got on the scale and saw 229. Nice. I'm working for 225 by Christmas. If I could ride more I'd get there sooner, but I think I can only get away with one long ride a week. The night ride is pretty pedestrian (so I can keep up the whole time) so I think I'll stick with that one for a while as well as riding to and from work.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comedy of Errors

The other night I came home to some sick kids.  Three of them were down with a stomach virus.  Mom was in high demand and short supply.  So she's up and down the stairs doctoring one kid, cleaning up another.  I'm in charge of dinner and we don't seem to have anything to eat.  Kim had already defrosted some chicken breast so that's what was to be cooked.  We didn't have much pasta, our normal default dinner, but we did have one can of red sauce.  I started looking up a recipe from the sauce maker and then I went over to the stove top.  Our stove has a microwave built into the vent hood.  Being as tall as I am, it kind of blocks my view.  Since I wanted to cut up something, I wanted to be sure that the burner wasn't on, or still hot.  Most of the kitchen space was cluttered up because of all the rush that three sick kids brings on so I had to use the stovetop.  Normally I check out the little light that says if it's hot, but I couldn't see it because I was too close and the microwave was in my way.  I'm just too tall.  So what did I do?  I felt the stovetop with my fingers.  The burners are under glass so you can't tell how hot they are.  I burned my three middle fingers on my left hand, burned them enough to blister them.  I'm surprised I still have fingerprints.  My oldest was trying to be a minimalist about helping for dinner as he had a really good book to read.  So in between cooking something new from a recipe at the last minute, helping out with three very ill kids, barking at my oldest to get off the couch again, and directing the older two girls to set the table, I tried to soak my fingers in ice water and then slathered them with burn cream.  We eventually did eat (those of us with stout enough stomachs) and it was pretty good.  I did have to ask for help cutting my meat though.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Joseph falls down

Not too bad.  He was going to practice, about 4 or 5 miles from the house, on a Sunday afternoon.  He says he was just looking down at his speedometer and his hand slipped off the bars and he went tumbling (note to self, adjust Joseph's bars).  Fortunately he wasn't near any traffic, he was on a trail.  A paved bike trail.  Some road rash, a cracked helmet, and lots of stickers that necessitated some benadryl.  I was also named "Not-Dad of the Year," because I was waiting for him at practice and left my phone in the car while talking to folks.  Then I never called until after the POLICEMAN gave Joseph a ride home.  Nope, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box, but some folks do refer to me as a "tool" often.

He's much better now, and the only damage to his bike is a scuffed up pedal.  I'll get him back on the bike next week.  And this time I'll be riding with him.